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Removal case.


RE:  Removal case.



1-    If the U.S. immigration Judge has ordered (without yours or your lawyer appearance) the removal  from the U.S. to Sudan

2-    And if you have been given the chance to appeal that decision by filing a motion to reopen or reconsider that decision (Form I-290 B) within 90 days of that date, but you did not.

3-    In such a situation Judge Decision shall become final.

4-    Now, to file a late Motion to reopen or reconsider requires strong reasons and an argument that convince the appealing Court that you left the USA in an emergency situation and that you was , for reasons beyond your control to leave Sudan.

5-    This motion costs estimation ($ 3,000) and takes time (18 months) and the chance to wine is very hard (50 %)

6-    If you insisting to return to USA, I advise you to try this process:
i- To file for SB-1 visa at the American Embassy in Khartoum. You need to support the application with the following documents:

Form DS-117 (Returning residence status) and Form DS-156 (you can down load both forms from US State Dept website)
ii-You also need to show continuous ties to the U.S (such as filing Tax returns, ownership of real property or other assets (car, bank account, insurance policy etc)

iii- You also have to show that you originally intended to permanently reside in USA

iv- You have to show that your extended stay in Sudan was caused by events beyond your control (illness, security matters, court order or proceedings.

7-     If you cannot fulfill the above, you have no alternatives other than to try other available channels such as:
(i)        Political asylum (After being admitted on B-1 B-2 visa)

(ii)       Refugee programs

(iii)     Lottery.
(iv)     Marry a holder of a Green card or citizen status.

(v)    TPS  (gives him, only,  a work permit and withholding of deportation)

I hope this will be of help to you.